Purpose Realty is a Canada-wide philanthropic real estate business that gives 50% of it’s net profits to charity. When you reach out to Purpose Realty for your real estate needs, you can make a difference through Hopethiopia in the lives of people in Ethiopia and Rwanda. 

A garage sale is a fun way to raise funds for HOPEthiopia.  Tell your friends that you are planning a garage sale and that you’d love their support by donating items (and of course coming by on the day to buy them all back). 

It’s a weekend that you can spend visiting with friends, meeting neighbours and making new friends, the whole time raising funds and awareness for HOPEthiopia.

Make your birthday a VERY special celebration by donating the value of your gifts to HOPEthiopia. Let your friends know you’re asking for donations to HOPEthiopia in lieu of gifts and those who donate will automatically receive an electronic tax receipt! 


1   Just get your friends to tap on the “GIFT DONATION” box below, 

2  Designate your donation to “GENERAL FUNDS”, 

3   Have your friends make a comment about your birthday in the comment area.

If your empties are gathering dust, why not donate them to HOPEthiopia. When you cash in your empties consider donating that amount to our charity at the link below. Or better yet, organize a bottle drive in your community and drop the bottles off at a bottle depot near you.