Chickens- Agriculture and Farming

Dr. Arynne Robinson (HOPEthiopia Veterinarian) started a livestock program onsite in Harbu Chulule in 2017. There have been many successes in this livestock program since it’s inception. Dr. Robinson is currently researching the impact, nutritionally, of adding dairy, meat and poultry into the diet of our HOPE children. Adding daily milk, eggs,  and meat to the traditional rural diet of vegetables and whole grains should increase calcium and B12 to recommended levels.  The dairy, poultry and sheep program is …

super valuable if implemented correctly for providing a more complete diet to HOPEthiopia’s kids (and other people that receive the milk and meat that may be sold in the future). Information is being collected to help understand better the value that milk, meat and eggs provides for Vitamin B12 and Calcium that wouldn’t be provided by the current rural diet. HOPE’S Chicken program already produces about ¼ of the recommended daily B12 requirements. Hope kids are currently getting meat twice a month, but raising livestock on site will make it considerably cheaper and more accessible. One side effect of a lack of B12 is being lethargic, which is evident in this rural population.

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