Water Wells!

Shallow water wells built

Clean water is difficult to find in rural Africa. HOPEthiopia has constructed many water wells in rural areas. Entire communities have been changed. People get sick drinking the water…

as it is filled with parasites and bacteria. In many cases people drank alcohol instead as they knew it was safe. Unfortunately this came at the high cost of Alcoholism 

Water of LIFE

Personal water filtration delivery making healthier communities!  

Clean drinking water is essential for life. Many hundreds of hollow fibre membrane filters are delivered to rural regions around HOPEthiopia by Dr. Arynne Robinson. These filters are similar to the technology …

used in kidney dialysis. This filter system removes all bacteria, microorganisms and viruses from the water in a portable, personal water filtration system. The filters can purify up to 150 gallons of water per day, and properly maintained will last up to 10,000 uses. Getting this simple water filtration system into the villages of rural Ethiopia where clean, safe water is not accessible is reducing illness and saving lives!

Community Sanitation


Teaching proper sanitation metheods and making sanitation stations is vital to the health of a community. This sanitation station is set up next to the public market, where multiple times…

each week thousands of people meet to sell their produce and products. Without proper education and services this public market is a super spreader for disease.