What We Are


Creating healthy homes for orphans and homeless and abandoned elderly. Setting up latrines, providing clean water stations which have distributed over 17 million litres of water.


Developing home gardens, sustainable mixed farming, vaccination programs & veterinary assistance. Providing livestock watering systems.


Planting millions of trees and grasses, bringing back biodiversity to the region.

Peace Gardens

Peace, beauty and life are found in joyous planting of beautiful flowers.


Providing Dental, Medical care and Eye surgeries for over 40,000 people.  Providing equipment & support at local clinics and running the Days for girls program.


Sponsorship of nursery, daycare, elementary and high school programs. Teacher assistance, and Trades Training programs to empower the most marginalized individuals.


Full time and over 300 part time local workers employed. Providing jobs for graduates of HOPEthiopia programs and setting up business cooperatives.