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Getting Involved

Bringing Hope and Transforming a community

There are so many ways in which you can get involved. First and foremost, you can keep Ethiopia in your prayers. Pray for the kids, the elderly, the house parents and the volunteers. You can also get involved by joining a volunteer trip. We have several dozen trips throughout the year. Finally you can get involved by being a fund raising partner. Whether you want to help organize fund raising events or you want to commit to donating regularly  – every penny makes a difference.

On Mission

Mission trips

Ethiopia / Rwanda  Admin team  Feb 25 – Mar 18
Ethiopia / Rwanda Admin and Ag team  Apr 8 – Apr 22
Ethiopia / Rwanda  Admin team May 13 – Jun 13
Rwanda  Church of the King  Jul 2 – Jul 13
Ethiopia / Rwanda  Admin team  Sep 9 – Oct 10  
Ethiopia / Rwanda    Dental and Vet team Nov 11 – Dec 13

A Message from our Co-Founders

HOPEthiopia is a not for profit organization that cares about orphan children and individuals that are in great need in East Africa. We are involved in building communities and raising leaders of the next generation in an environment of love, hope, and restoration.
It is our hope that this website will provide the necessary information about our mission and vision, as well as inform those that are interested on updates on the different projects that are underway. Ethiopia and Rwanda are truly blessed lands with an incredible beauty, great cultural and natural diversity, as well as a heritage that spans two millennia. However, this has come as great cost with the HIV/aids epidemic, the great numbers of orphans, and other natural disasters. It is with great enthusiasm that we come alongside the people of Ethiopia and Rwanda to provide help in the form of restoration of the people and the land.

Experience the transformation of love

Contact Us

email: ralph.dubienski@hopethiopia.com

19 Elbow River Point, Calgary, Ab, Canada T3Z 2V1

+(403) 836-5536

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