Baking Enterprise

In 2023 the Ethiopian Charity department granted HOPEthiopia the ability to generate income to help sustain the activities within Ethiopia.  This was a significant milestone in the ability to provide skills and hope to individuals who are willing to start businesses and learn these entrepreneurial skills.

The first business to be developed will be a bakery where…

bread can be created to provide the needed product to feed the local population and sell to other restaurants and coffee houses that use this product within their businesses.

After 6 weeks of trialing the equipment and processes, we have created a strong business plan and require seed money to provide flour and other materials to initiate the full capacity of what can be produced to meet the growing need for bread in this community and area.  Please support your physical activities while assisting in supporting this business to create a sustainable future.

When you give to Computers, your gift goes to the Income Generation Fund.