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Human lives saved!

Rabies vaccination program is saving human lives!  

Veterinarian Dr. Arynne Robinson has been vaccinating dogs and cats in rural Ethiopia since 2018 for Rabies. Before this program began there were hundreds of human post dog bite Rabies vaccinations … 

issued per year in this region, and Rabies was suspect in the deaths of 13-17 human lives each year. In 2022 there were zero reported cases of Rabies deaths in humans. In 2022 there were also fewer cases of post Rabies vaccination requests. 2023 so far has also seen no human cases of Rabies and much fewer post exposure Rabies vaccines given. Post exposure Rabies vaccines are given when people get bitten by dogs. Not all of these dogs have Rabies, but when the status of the dog is unknown and the consequence is so high, it is better to vaccinate than take the risk. Once symptoms of Rabies develop, the disease is fatal. Dogs with Rabies become aggressive and are more likely to bite, which is why there are so many more dog bites when Rabies is rampant in the area. The post exposure vaccines available in Ethiopia are also an older type that sometimes cause serious side effects. In addition, even when a person bitten by a dog with Rabies gets the vaccines and prevents Rabies, they often are disfigured from the bites, especially when the bites occur to the face. Therefore the Rabies program is not only saving approximately 15 human lives a year, it is also preventing the disfigurement of many more people. Those who are bitten are also usually the most vulnerable, such as the small children and the elderly.


Water of LIFE

Personal water filtration delivery making healthier communities!  

Clean drinking water is essential for life. Many hundreds of hollow fibre membrane filters are delivered to rural regions around HOPEthiopia by Dr. Arynne Robinson. These filters are similar to the technology …

used in kidney dialysis. This filter system removes all bacteria, microorganisms and viruses from the water in a portable, personal water filtration system. The filters can purify up to 150 gallons of water per day, and properly maintained will last up to 10,000 uses. Getting this simple water filtration system into the villages of rural Ethiopia where clean, safe water is not accessible is reducing illness and saving lives!

Education and healthier livestock

Anemia education program and healthier livestock  

Veterinarian Dr. Arynne Robinson has been teaching techniques to rural farmers since 2018, helping them to identify anemia in their livestock earlier. Anemia in sheep and goats is caused by parasites …

most of the time, and monitoring for anemia is a simple way to evaluate for the need for parasite treatment before the animals become severely infested. Visiting rural farmers in their communities courses are taught to train farmers to identify anemia and get treatment for parasites in their livestock. Before this program, farmers knew their animals were weak and small, but didn’t know there was an underlying issue. Sharing knowledge and leaving support material with the rural farmers has allowed them to know when to get treatment for anemic animals and is creating healthy livestock in Ethiopia. The local Veterinarians are reporting that more farmers are bringing animals in for treatment than ever before.


Colostrum education, rich and important for newborn growth

Rural Ethiopian culture has given Colostrum an almost mystical or evil ora, something to be feared. Not understanding its value, they have been pouring it out onto the ground…

discarding this rich developmental fluid onto the soil after birth. Colostrum, or first milk, is the first form of milk produced by the mammary glans of humans and mammals immediately following delivery of the newborn. Colostrum is rich in developmental factors such as epidermal growth factor, and immunological components as well.It is invaluable for the health of the newborn. It contains fat, Antibodies, Protein and lactoferrin, vitamins and minerals. It protects against upper and lower respiratory infections, otitis media, diarrheal disease, urinary tract infections, sepsis, rotavirus, meningitis, leukaemia, lymphoma, Hodgkins disease and neuroblastoma. It lowers the risk of breast cancer, hypertension, heart disease and much more. Dr. Arynne Robinson developed this program to educate the rural people about the value of colostrum. She gives the course in person and leaves each person with course material. A noticeable change has been observed in the health of newborns in this region.