#NationalChildDay is celebrated in recognition of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child “UNCRC”.  

This year’s theme is “The Right to Survive and Thrive”. This comes from Article 6 of the UNCRC and means that every child has the right not only to be alive, but to have access to what they need to develop to the fullest extent possible. 

Hopethiopia is committed to helping children in Ethiopia and Rwanda survive and thrive!  We celebrate the amazing kids we support and work with.  We recognize they are the leaders of the next generation.  We strive to help them develop their full potential through meeting their physical needs, supporting their opportunities for education and training, and making sure they know they are valued and loved.

All the kids we sponsor in Rwanda are fantastic and have such joy and amazing potential for the future. The children at the Hopethiopia Children’s Village in Ethiopia are also truly wonderful and so many volunteers have personally interacted with them over the last number of years. We look forward to having the volunteer mission teams return to teach and encourage the kids. 

A massive “Thank You” goes out to our Hopethiopia supporters, sponsors, and donors. Without you we could not provide the loving homes and opportunities for these great kids.