Day 1
Daily Water

Everyday most Ethiopian and Rwandans walk great distances to collect water in 20-litre jerry cans from swamps, rivers, or even rainwater run-off ditches… 

To obtain enough water for household use, some will carry 2 jerry cans at a time … for kilometres! At 20 kgs/44 lbs per jerry can, that is quite the feat! Hopethiopia is proud to be able to provide conveniently located water stations and offer free, clean, potable water for everyone. Thus far, Hopethiopia has gifted its village in Ethiopia with 22 million litres and 4 million litres in Rwanda! 

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Day 1 Challenge

Our challenge for today simulates carrying water cans over great distances like the people of Ethiopia and Rwanda do daily…

 Carry up to 20 kg weights, on your shoulder, your head, or in your hands, while climbing 100 + stairs. 

Day 2 Umuganda

Umuganda is a Kinyarwanda word meaning “coming together for a common purpose.” Practically, it refers to the mandatory “community clean-up” ….

in Rwanda that is scheduled the last Saturday morning (8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.) of every month. Umuganda has proven hugely successful, earning Rwanda the title of “Cleanest Country in Africa” and is in the top 5 cleanest nations in the world! Hopethiopia’s people in Ethiopia, as well as in Rwanda, have voluntarily adopted this practice, to tackle out-of-control waste disposal and build a cleaner and healthier community.

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Day 2 Challenge

Our challenge for today simulates road/sidewalk sweeping and litter/garbage picking that the Hopethiopia family do in Rwanda and Ethiopia a minimum of 3 hours per month….

Sweep the snow from your and/or your neighbours’ driveway(s)/sidewalk(s). Collect litter from your community and dispose of it appropriately. If the weather does not cooperate or these challenges don’t fit your context, perform 100 + walking lunges. Log your progress for today, i.e., numbers of sidewalks or driveways swept, numbers of lunges, or amount of time spent collecting litter. 

Day 3
Carry Your Load

Many of Hopethiopia’s beneficiaries are entrepreneurs engaged in selling in the local markets or on the streets….

Without storage space, they tote their wares, i.e., produce, spices, second-hand clothing, etc. in whatever way they can everywhere they go. Balancing loads upwards of 70% of their body weight, in baskets atop their heads, is a common sight! Such strength does not happen overnight; people train from childhood to accomplish such feats of strength.

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Day 3 Challenge

Your fitness challenge for today is a little different; it is to help you strengthen your neck. Complete the exercises… 

on the link below and begin the journey to attain the might of these amazing entrepreneurs.

Day 4
Building Paver Pathways

Approximately 9% of Ethiopians and 5% of Rwandans identify as a person with disability. Inaccessibility seems an… 

insurmountable barrier to accessing education, employment, healthcare, transportation, and even social events with family and friends. Hopethiopia is committed to help its communities provide access for those with disabilities. Not only does Hopethiopia make pavers with which to construct pathways, it has provided tools to assist access for persons with disabilities, i.e., crutches, wheelchairs, etc.

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Day 4 Challenge

Your fitness challenge today will use your muscles like Hopethiopia’s construction crew to use their muscles every day.100 body-weight squats, with or without a 5-pound weight.

Day 5
Carry Your Load

Over 80% of homes in Ethiopia and Rwanda are built of earth bricks, which are made by hand from… 

the surrounding soil. Earthen homes are affordable to build and regulate indoor temperature very effectively. To construct such a home, the labour is intensive, taking a great deal of strength and perseverance. Thankfully, community members gladly lend a hand.

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Day 5 Challenge

Today’s fitness challenge is to safely lift a shovel load of snow over your head, take six steps (with the shovel load still above your head), and dump the snow. Repeat until your arms fall off. For me it was about 10 loads! 🙂

Day 6
 PathwaysTreadle Machine Sewing

Hopethiopia has made tailoring and textiles training available to marginalized young women in Ethiopia and Rwanda. And these ladies… 

are keen students, working hard to master the treadle sewing machines. Strong legs and endurance are required, but even more so, a sturdy core. It is backbreaking work! And they do it! HOPE has had almost 200 young women graduate from its tailoring and textiles classes, thus far! 

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Day 6 Challenge

Today’s fitness challenge will be peddling, like on the treadle sewing machine. Pull a chair close to the edge of a stair. Place a weight on each leg. Now, move each leg up and down on each stair simulating the peddling action of sewing with a treadle sewing machine.

Day 7

Growing seeds, planting seedlings, nurturing trees and grasses, and establishing forests reverse the devastating effects …

of desertification. Animal habitats are rebuilt, soils and watersheds are restored, and our entire planet is revived. Hopethiopia is committed to do its part to “green” East Africa. So far, Hopethiopia has planted over 2,000,000 trees and grasses! With a tree and grass nursery in Ethiopia and an indigenous medicinal garden in Rwanda, the work continues to make an impact. This commitment also provides employment; it’s strenuous work but our crew is up for it!  

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Day 7 Challenge

Digging and working the soil is backbreaking work but very rewarding!

The fitness challenge for today gives us an idea … 

how of what it is like to break the soil with the Ethiopia manual scissor hoe used to break new soil.

Today, do as many jumping jacks as you can.

Day 8
Medical and Dental

Regular medical and dental clinics are sponsored and run by

HOPEthiopia throughout the year. This medical care is crucial to the health of a community. Some people happily walk for days to get this free medical assistance and wait in long lines, often for more than a day

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Day 8 Challenge

Today we want to simulate the stress doing over 1000 procedures in a week puts on our team members, working with patient after patient for many hours a day with few breaks (happily)



CHALLENGE: 10 minute wall sit